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Geological Hazards; Deepwater Drilling Challenges

The main challenge to geologists operating in the Iranian sector of the Caspian Sea is the non-existence of adjacent oil well or field for correlation.

In order to identify geological structures, formations or hydrocarbon reservoirs, the similarities between the wells being spudded and the wells drilled 500 meter to 2 kilometers farther are taken into account. The nearest field with useful data is Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz which is nearly 170 kilometers away from Sardar-e-Jangal. That increases geological risks.

Since the sea environment is the main factor in designing marine structures, the Caspian Sea is being modeled by Iran-Astara oceanography mooring which is the only one in the Caspian waters.

This project was proposed by the Engineering and Manufacturing Directorate of KEPCO last year to provide highly valuable data. Meanwhile, due to the necessity of more precise meteorological data which the Meteorology Organization cannot provide, a second oceanography mooring is also planned to be purchased.

Another project was also introduced for supervising the steering of platforms and logistic vessels, managing maintenance and reparation of KEPCO fleet, safeguarding national assets and complying with international regulations.

KEPCO’s Planning and Project Control Section has drafted qualitative and quantitative objectives of the company’s 20-year following constructive interaction with different directorates.

The long-term plan defines objectives for KEPCO to realize from 2012 to 2032. The plan includes perspective, missions, macro objectives, key values, long-term, mid-term and short-term strategies and goals.

KEPCO’s Research and Technology Department approved a project for using advanced technologies in deepwater operations in order to manufacture equipment and revise measures of the past years.

This section was also pursuing a project for exploration, development and production studies in the Caspian Sea and three littoral provinces.

Another project is also under way to deal with possible crises and oil pollution leak. A roadmap has been devised for acquiring technology for deepwater exploration operations.