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46 Structures in Southern Caspian

According to studies, Iran has identified more than 46 blocks in the Caspian waters, eight of which have been focused upon. Most of these structures are located 500 to 800 meters deep under water. Exploration drilling was done in these depths in order to complete exploration data.

Data gathering required some tools. For this purpose, construction of Amir Kabir oil rig as well as 16,000-horsepower Caspian-1, Caspian-2 and Caspian-3 vessels were considered. Despite all difficulties and restrictions, Iranian engineers managed to conduct drilling exploration operations in two years.

Some of activities conducted with regard to oil exploration in Caspian Sea are the construction of Amir Kabir oil rig, construction of multipurpose vessels, construction of logistics base for exploration, conducting operations to identify exploration blocks 6, 8 and 29 on 75 square kilometers in 2009, conducing AVO processing method in order to identify sandstone layer and assess its thickness and examine the existence of hydrocarbon in this layer, special processing to identify surface gas packages, oil exploration at the depth of 2,584 meters during the drilling of the first oil exploration well in Sardar-e-Jangal in 2012, conducing 2D seismic testing in Golestan province and revising studies conducted by South Caspian Study Group in order to study the volume of 28 out of 46 structures.

Exploration drilling has been conducted in Caspian Sea despite special conditions like the depth of water (700 to 1,100 meters), low visibility due to dust in the seabed, specific geological conditions, formation of mud volcano and high-pressure water streams.