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National Iranian Oil Company

Khazar Exploration & Production Company (KEPCO)


Integrated Management System(IMS) & HSE-MS Policy


Khazar Exploration and Production Company (KEPCO) as one of NIOC subsidiaries, is in charge of exploration , development, production, processing and transportation of oil and gas  in South Caspian basin and three coastal provinces.

KEPCO aims to meet the interest of customers and other concerned parties by observing all lawful requirements as outlined in "twenty years perspective document (vision plan)" and sixth development plan.


The senior management is fully committed to comply with integrated management system (IMS) and monitor the continual improvement and effectiveness of methods according to latest revisions of ISO 9001 ، ISO/ TS 29001 ، ISO 14001 ، ISO 45001 and HSE-MS manual as well as international classification organization criteria for marine structures in oil industry.

Policy Outlines

1-Environmental protection by encouraging prevention methods, pollution control by reduction of hazardous wastes and providing suitable work place and sustainable development approach.

 2- Exploration, development and production of hydrocarbon resources in South Caspian Sea and three coastal provinces of Iran (Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan).

3-Expansion of international and regional cooperation according to NIOC guidelines and policy by promoting international investment.

4- Proper exploitation of available resources, equipment, raw materials, financial resources by implementing asset integrity approach.

5- Updating activities and projects by means of latest technology, and improvement of technical process and services of current management systems.

6- Protection and continual improvement of human resources as the most valuable asset of organization and improvement of organizational culture.

7- Fruitful interaction with consultants, contractors and suppliers of goods and services in order to pursue the "Robust Economy Policy".

8- Observing "Passive Defense Response" principles and guidelines for improvement of organizational activities in emergencies.

9- Commitment to fulfill legal requirements and other requirements related to quality and HSE



"Organizational royalty and high quality work with regard for safety and environment protection, our colleagues will be able to accomplish the abovementioned goals and targets."

Ali Osuli

Senior Management


November 2018