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KEPCOs Objectives and Aspiration

KEPCO's activities are laid out by a "roadmap" for achieving its objectives. These activities are based on principles of knowledge and experience through education, training and competitiveness with great concerns for HSE norms and regulations and the social responsibilities of the company.

KEPCO aspires to attain:

  • ♦ Reputable management in oil and gas exploration and development in deepwater.
  • ♦ Appropriate technology for production and exploitation of deepwater reserves.
  • Competent sea and air fleet for logistical support and emergency situations.
  • ♦Effective on/off shore infrastructure for processing and transport of petroleum.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship by outsourcing and delegating operational activities to    competent, skilled and responsible work force.
  • Attaining oil and gas production share, with regard to the 20 year plan (2025).

KEPCO's main objectives are:

  • Development and deployment of modern technology and knowledge as well as upgrading infrastructures.
  • Expansion of activities in deepwater of Caspian Sea and three littoral provinces.
  • Process management and documentation of gained knowledge, and passed experiences.
  •   Elevating the company’s credentials and position in energy sector by attaining a respectful share of fossil energy production in the country.
  • Upgrading the quality of research, exploration, development and production activities of hydrocarbon reserves.
  • Enhancing level of studies for exploration, development and production of the fields and supervision of supply of equipment.
  • Improvement of knowledge and capabilities of human resources and upgrading of organizational culture.
  •   Prevention of environmental hazards and job related injuries.