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In the presence Deputy Head of NIOC for Development & Engineering Affairs
First meeting of KEPCO board of directors was held since the start of Iranian New Year at the presence of deputy oil minster Dr. Manouchehri and new board members.
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The Visit of Sardar-e- Jangal Oil Field by Petroleum Minister
Petroleum Minister of Iran during aerial tour of Sardar-e- Jangal offshore oil field expressed his approval and satisfaction of work performed and experience gained in Caspian Sea oil and gas projects.
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Inaugural Ceremony for new Managing Director of KEPCO
Inauguration ceremony of Mr. Delaviz new managing director of Khazar Exploration & Production Company (KEPCO)
Inaugural ceremony of new managing director of KEPCO Mr. Mohsen Delaviz was held. During the ceremony gratitude and appreciation were expressed by Mr. Ali Kardor the Managing Director of NIOC for the efforts and hard work performed by Mr. Farhang Khatibi the Acting Director of KEPCO.
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Visit to Amir-Kabir semisubmersible Drilling Rig by NIOC Vice-President
Visit to Amir-Kabir semisubmersible Drilling Rig
Mr. Gholam Reza Manouchehri the deputy director of NIOC in charge of engineering and development affairs has recently visited the Amir-Kabir semisubmersible rig and Caspian multi-role marine vessels in Neka sea port.
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KEPCO Projects
Tehran Conference and KEPCO Projects
On 2nd day of Tehran Oil & Gas Conference on November 2015, KEPCO has announced its offshore exploration and development projects in terms of IPC contract.
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