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Plan & Projects

Exploration Activities in Caspian Sea and the adjacent Provinces of Mazandaran, Golestan and Gilan

♦  28500 km 2D seismic and 4200 km2 3D seismic of shallow and deep water of Caspian Sea.

♦  2800 km 2D seismic and 200 km2 3D Land Seismic.

♦  Identification of 46 small and large hydrocarbon prospects by comprehensive and systematic 2D seismic studies in South Caspian Sea.

♦  Prioritizing the identified structures in Caspian Sea based on 2D seismic, reservoir appraisal, risk assessment and other geological and geochemical properties which resulted in 8 structures.

♦  Codifying the "Strategic Master Development Plan" (SMDP), and singling out prospect 6.2 as the first priority for exploration.

♦  From total of 22 exploration wells, 17 were in land (Mazandaran, Golestan and Gilan provinces), 3 in shallow water and 2 in deepwater of Caspian Sea.

♦  Exploration of Sardar-e-Jangal oil field in Block 6.

♦  Revising and updating information concerning South Caspian Studies (SCSG) and other probable reservoir.

Future Plans

♦  Geological studies of exploration blocks in deepwater, shallow water of South Caspian Sea in addition of three adjacent provinces.

♦  2D and 3D seismic in prioritized blocks in Caspian Sea and three adjacent provinces.

♦  Drilling operations for 10 wells located in prioritized blocks in deepwater, one well in shallow water with 7 onshore wells.

♦  Geological review of drilled wells in shallow water of Caspian Sea.